Update, 13th August 2012:

Mathew is currently responding well to treatment in the rehab facility at Derby Royal Hospital.

The medical bills and flight have been paid for, partly with the money raised through fundraising/donations (thank you!) and also through loans taken out by the family to make up the vast remainder.

Thank you again to everyone who has donated or helped to raise funds over the past year.


16th November 2011

The current total stands at just over the £68, 000 mark.  This is an unbelievable achievement by everybody so far and goes a long way towards covering the enormous costs of Mathew’s treatment and flight back to the UK.

Whilst Mat is now back in England and the medical bills have effectively stopped, the family have had to take out colossal loans to get him to this stage and so we will be continuing with the fundraising to try and lessen the financial impact.

Thank you all for everything that you have done so far and please do keep up the good work!

8th October 2011

The final hospital bill has now been paid thanks enormously to the kind efforts of St Georges church in Singapore and their congregation AND all of you who have banked money very quickly in response to our request allowing Simon who is the signee of the accouubnt to pay over your money to the hospital. Thank you everyone so much as it means there will be no problem in getting Mathew released from the hospital. I cannot put into words any more how much you all mean to the family in the support love and kindnesss you have shown.

To date about £250,000 has been spent.  Some £44,000 of that has been raised by friends and family and people we have never met but who care, in the UK, in Singapore and in Bali and almost the entirity of that has been spent in paying hospital bills. The current position is that Darrell has had to pay for the flight to bring Mathew back – he has had to take out a loan of £20,000 as he did not have enough and as you know Heather and Simon have run out of funds quite some time ago leaving Darrell alone to have to find money for on-going treatment and also the flight. Without your help he could not have managed any more and without the loan he could not have got Mathew Heather and Karen home. The loan does have to be repaid. The anonymous person who has borrowed Darrell the money is going to pay the monthly interest on the loan and will not expect to get that back, but the lump sum of £20,000 must be repaid. Darrell has no income or ability to do that, so we really really hope that you will continue to fundraise to enable Darrell to repay the loan which has helped to bring Mathew home.

– Sandra Taylor


13th September 2011

Hi everybody,

Sorry for the delay with Mathew’s fund raising, the total amount is just over £30,000.  This is with donations that have been given to my wife by the kind people in singapore- cannot thank you enough.  There’s still money to come in from the 60s night plus Marky’s double triathlon plus Debbie’s St Trinnian night… what can I say, you are all amazing people.  Also with ‘Buy Mathew a Drink’ every week Jon Gath buys Mathew a Bicardi and coke and donates £3… fantastic… the list can go on for every person that I have said thank you to, I mean it from the bottom of my heart and that goes from all Mathew’s family.  Please keep up the good work and keep spreading the word on Mathew, all my love Simon xxx

– Simon Moore


31st August 2011

Latest fundraising update from Sandra Taylor (Mat’s aunty):

Here in the UK despite the showers we ran our stall at Old Dalby Day and made a fabulous £1,203 for Mathews fund, and still have loads left. We will run a car boot sale with what is left and also still have some bug boxes to sell. Dianne was the star of our day. Not direct family, but gave her amazing energy, fabulous love, and just so much time non stop all day. Biddy, Vonnie and Kirsten were also amazing and raised lots with the tombola. Mathews Uncle Chris truly excelled on the barbeque and a first for him actually went behind the stalls and sold stuff. So a great family day with Simon running up and down the road with collection tins and everyone pitching in for Mathew.

The press have been in contact with Mathews older brother Mark about the QUEST and we want a TV company to cover it. Any ideas?

So much love, so much money to raise, so much commitment to help. In the last weeks at times I’ve felt life couldn’t get worse and then thought life couldn’t get better. All that you are all doing makes life better and helps us to ensure that what Mathew needs gets done so that he can get better too!

Love to you all – and keep up your brillaint work to raise funds so we can ensure Mathew gets the treatment he needs and so that when he is fit to fly he can be brought home on the very first air anmbulance we can charter!

Aunty Sandra


26th August 2011

Latest fundraising update from Sandra Taylor (Mat’s aunty):

I think since I last updated you on funds raised by all your efforts (when it was a total of about £22,000) another £3,000 approximately has come into Mathews funds, so this continues to make us feel that everything is possible and to not be downhearted about the size of the bills the family face. We have our days when we feel overwhelmed, but then you do something extra special to make us uplifted again.

As we knew it would be, the bill for the surgery has now arrived and it is large (but 18 hours with 20 surgeons in theatre was always going to be large). The bill is about £43,000 since Monday and includes the surgery ( about £10,000 of that bill has already been paid so about £33,000 is owing). We also still have a bill for about £23,000 outstanding from the previous hospital (where about £35,000 had already been paid). So at the moment the family owes about £56,000 in medical bills, and everything you are doing to help and raise funds is so very very important to enable us to keep ensuring Mathews medical treatment continues.


25th August 2011

Latest fundraising update from Sandra Taylor (Mat’s aunty):

On the money front, so far you have all helped to raise a stunning £22,000 and we know that there is more to come in from recent events detailed on facebook. Thank you again for all of this as without it the family simply does not know what it would do! Obviously the operation, which in the end lasted 18 hours and involved 20 surgeons working together and in shifts, will be a frightening amount. We will juts have to raise it somehow and someway. There are angles all around looking out for Mathew and we hope those angels will help us with the funding!

Please do know that every single penny you give/ raise is helping to fund the tretament that Matehw needs to become well again. Please do keep raising what you can and contacting others who may be able to help.
Thats all for now,  Love,

Aunty Sandra XXX


15th August 2011

Latest fundraising update from Sandra Taylor (Mat’s aunty):

The fund has increased to about £18,000 today through donations and fund rasing which came in over the weekend (absolutely amazing and the kindness of you all, including some people who do not even know the family, restores all our faith in the goodness of people). Another bill however came in from the hospital (ugh – if you ever thought private medicine might be a good idea think again – Heather says they even itemised the cost of a cotton bud), but the fund can just about pay for everything over the last 9 days upto today.

Without your help and support the family either could not pay for Mathew to be treated or could not afford to fly him home. As it is ,it is going to be pretty tight and we need every penny that you are all planning to raise over the coming weeks. If Mathew needs to be in Singapore even longer to make the medical strides necessary for the flight, then we will just have to redouble our efforts! And we will, because he is worth it. He is fighting like mad and coming through, so will we.

Thanks to you all for caring and for all you are doing for Mathew. He couldn’t wish for a better or kinder bunch of friends. You are literally life savers.

Aunty Sandra


12th August 2011

Latest fundraising update from Sandra Taylor (Mat’s aunty):

…Another £500 came into Mathew’s fund yesterday. Keep it up – every penny helps and so far you have paid for the last 7 days medical treatment of Mathew which has included lots of CT scans, an operation and all of his medicine as well as the ITU bed. How amazing is that? Pretty amazing to the family as it means we can still just about afford the flight home (although as a result are totally broke). Keep the efforts up as we have to pay for todays hospital treatment and the day after and the day after…. You can do it!!!

Thank you again to every single blooming one of you – you are real STARS.


10th August 2011

Latest fundraising update from Sandra Taylor (Mat’s aunty):

…On the money front the fund is now standing at about £15,000 with more being done each day – just so fabulous that so many people are so generous and doing so much to help. Watch this space for news of lots of activities being arranged, like a charity work out in Derby beng organised by Mats Dad, a second hand clothes stall on 29th August at Old Dalby Day (Leicestershire) being run by me and a massive Sunday Lunch (55 tickets) in late September. (Anyone else who wants to sell anything then get a stall at Old Dalby on 29th August, as loads of people come to the village on that day and there are lots of stalls and fun activities – contact val-anderson@sky.com). Yesterday a friend from London donated £1000.

WHY is money so important? As you know Mathew is very ill and whilst we had hoped he might be declared fit to fly this week, he’s had to have a small proceedure done which means that he wont be able to be declared FtF until next week at the earliest. Each day bills mount in the Singapore hospital and have to be paid. You may have read in the media (Derby Telegraph, Burton Mail, Caolville Times, Melton news are all carrying the story and have had ( or are planning) front page spreads ; it is regularly covered on BBC Derby, Leicester, and Nottingham and has twice been on East Midlands Today TV news – so see their web pages for updates) that the family will have spent about £150,000 their life savings when they have paid for the repatriation flight and of course the costs are going up each day for hospital treatment in Singapore. We have all the arrangements ready with companies experienced in air repatriation and have made arrangements with the airports to help. Ambulances and Hopsitals will also be sorted before Mathew lands back in the UK. The family have used all their savings and pension plans (the complexity of getting all that sorted is why his Dad Darrell came back to the UK last week to work along with Simon (step dad) in ensuring enough money is there) to ensure that the flight can just about be paid for with the £15,000 raised by you all to date being absolutely key to being able to afford the flight. We now need to ensure that the on-going treatment he has in Singapore is continued and this is approximately £2,500 a day. Heather, Karen and Anda out in Singapore have been absolutely amazing and are bearing-up amidst all the anxiety for Mathew and I keep telling them to not worry about money as you amazing people will help us get it sorted!

The work involved in arranging the initial air lift to Singpore and then money, airplanes, hospital, press, airports etc etc, has been the main priority in the time since it was apparent that Mat needed to be airlifted from Bali. Thats why I haven’t had time to write on the Facebook pages, BUT all the family and me have been aware of all that you are doing. I will try to provide a regular update to add to karens, Andas and others. You are all so AMAZING and I cannot tell you how much what every single one of you is doing matters to the family.

Love to all, Sandra


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