Update, 13th August 2012:

Mathew is currently responding well to treatment in the rehab facility at Derby Royal Hospital.

The medical bills and flight have been paid for, partly with the money raised through fundraising/donations (thank you!) and also through loans taken out by the family to make up the vast remainder.

Thank you again to everyone who has donated or helped to raise funds over the past year.



This is a page set up by friends and family of Mathew Taylor.

Mathew is currently in critical condition in hospital following a motorcycle accident in Bali, where he is teaching. Unfortunately, Mat did not have insurance and needs money urgently to continue his treatment.

Mat has since been airlifted to Singapore, at great expense, where he is still receiving intensive treatment until he is deemed well enough to be flown back to hospital in the UK.

Regular updates on related news & events will be posted on the site along with the latest on his condition and the progress of the fundraising.

For further details please see the ‘Press’ section of the site.

The medical bills so far are astronomical and mounting daily PLUS we need to be able to afford to pay for the air ambulance home, once Mat is fit enough to fly.

Donations can be made through Paypal by clicking the button:

Alternatively, cheques to support Mathew can be made payable to stepfather Simon Moore, c/o the Navigation Inn, Spring Cottage Road, Overseal, Derbyshire, DE12 6ND.

Every little helps!

Jon Gath


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  1. Mathew was air lifted from Bali to Singapore on Thursday evening (28th July) where he received a thorough and expert medical evaluation. We are told by the doctors and officials that Mathew’s conditon is even more severe than we had feared, and that as a consequence he should now be repatriated to the UK. He is very comfortable and in excellent facilities and we are all praying that he can pull through from the brink. We need all your help to get our Government to help us bring Mathew and the family home; your help through financial and other donations to keep him having the very best treatment; your help through your prayers and determination, to will Mathew through this. We will keep fighting for him whilst ever there is even the slightest hope.

  2. My thoughts are with you all, Ive made a small donation wish it could be more but I truly understand your plight last Wednesday I flew my son home in a coma from Koh Samui a small Island in Thailand, he has severe brain injury also from a scooter accident and like Matthew no insurance cover, we have paid out £53,000 with another £20,000 still to find, but Im sure like me the money is irrelevant, our boys health is the only thing that matters, the relief to be home in the Uk was so good, we flew Carl home on scheduled flights, cost us approx £40,000 we waited over a month for him to be fit to fly and to find an airline with enough space free, but it was very fraught, but the airlines and medics we employed were fantastic, we were given a list of companies to use by the foreign office, we chose Medi Aviation, we were fortunate to be able to use scheduled flights, but through my sons web page I was contacted by a lady whose son had also been in the same situation and she recommended Heathrow Air Ambulances, we had by that time already paid our deposit so we never got a quote from them, but I was told they are non profit making and highly professional, Also we could of saved ourselves about £10,000 if we had let the Hospital arrange everything for us, our particular hospital was actually owned by Bangkok airlines, and I should warn you that if you use a scheduled flight BA dont repatriate stretcher patients, we used Bangkok and Thai airlines and they were brilliant, could not fault the service, yes I was petrified all the way home, but I didnt need to be, the Doctor and Nurse supplied by Medi Aviation were Bangkok based but spoke excellent English and were excellent. I hope it wont be too long before Matthew is home, I slept properly for the first time in over a month the first night I left Carl in ICU in Manchester, my son remains in a Coma, I pray he will regain consciousness soon, and my hopes and wishes for your Matthews fast recovery, two wonderful young men whose families are working tirelessly to make sure their futures are bright. The very best of luck to you all xxx

  3. Hi there, firstly let me express my most sincerest sympathies for what has happened to Mathew. I hope the recent signs of life he has displayed are helping you to get through these difficult times. I write for new! magazine and we really want to help you raise funds and awareness for Mathew by running a feature in our magazine about what has happened to him. We have 600,000 readers whom we could reach with your story and could also provide a sizeable payment that can go into the fund, for your time. If you are interested, contact me on charlotte.martin@express.co.uk. The piece would be read back in full before print and I can assure you it would be sensitively written. Thank you.

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