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Update: 13th August 2012


Mathew is currently receiving treatment in the rehab facility at Derby Royal Hospital, where he has been showing huge improvement over the past month or so.

Whilst in rehab, Mat is on an intensive programme of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech & language therapy- all of which seem to be paying dividends as his recent progress has been remarkable.

The most striking fact is that Mat is now able to speak and join in with a conversation. A good deal of his speech is difficult to understand at the moment but he is constantly working to rebuild the muscles in his face and tongue to be able to articulate himself more clearly (he hasn’t spoken for a year, after all).

Mat is still yet to move on to solid foods again but is able to take spoonfuls of fruit juice and water by mouth and we are hoping that it won’t be long before that is gradually stepped up to something closer to the real thing.

The other main physical improvement is that Mat is moving about a good deal; holding the phone to his ear to speak to Anda (his fiancée), moving his legs and trying to get out of bed as well as simple things like turning to face whomever is talking to him at the time.

WIth the physical improvements, it has become a lot easier to gauge Mat’s mood and, when I last saw him, he seems to be in good sorts. He’s been enjoying watching the Olympics and was laughing when I asked him what he thought about the shocking Team GB football team.

All in all, he’s doing incredibly well.

Jon Gath