Buy Mat A Drink!


Will you include Mathew in your rounds from now on? – beer or coffee round it doesn’t matter.  If everyone in the Facebook group included Mathew in a round just once each week -just a £1 each (or more if your drink costs more) – then we would have at least £1000 a week.  If you have a regular, see if they will let you put a collection jar on the counter (Pub or somewhere like local Costas, so that you can put in the cost of Mathews drink each time).  Then each week you can get this cashed into Mathew’s fundraising account.  We promise we wont let him spend it on drinks!!!
Aunty Sandra


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  1. Hello
    This is a terrible situaton for Mat and his family and could truly happen to any of us. Bad enough to have someone so ill without this added worry. I hope Mat gets better soon and that people rally round to support him and his family.

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